OMG! There are 12 kinds of female orgasm. How many have you experienced?

7 Minutes

OMG! There are 12 kinds of female orgasm. How many have you experienced?

7 Minutes

Sex has incredible potential to go far beyond its fundamental purpose of propagating our species. From connecting us at the most primal level, to relieving pain, de-stressing, boosting the immune system and ultimately delivering feel good hormones and happiness through the climactic ecstasy of orgasm.

orgasms help relieve pain, de-stress and deliver feel good hormones and happiness


While achieving orgasm can seem complex, and of course no two orgasms are the same, what’s important is the openness to exploration, discovery and practice, trusting that we are all deserving and capable of experiencing orgasmic intimacy - be it with ourselves or others. 

Views on just how many ‘types’ of female orgasm vagina-bearers can experience, vary from four to 12! As absolute fans of the orgasm, we’ve naturally opted to cover all 12 and how you can explore reaching them, as described by the highly revered Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist and author, Dr Carlen Costa*.  


Formally known as the Gräfenberg spot after German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, debate as to the true existence of this unofficial part of the female anatomy is ongoing. As far as we’re concerned, whether it exists officially or not is irrelevant. If stimulating this sensitive region above the front vaginal wall feels right… keep at it.

To stimulate your G Spot, slowly apply pressure to the area using a circular ‘come here’ motion. Experiment with speed, force, lube and of course some labial kissing if it’s available. With a bit of relaxation and patience you might just hit a new orgasmic high. 

To stimulate your G Spot, slowly apply pressure to the front vaginal wall area using a circular ‘come here’ motion


Some women like light touches, licks or sucks, some like firm or hard ones such as a nipple nip, some prefer different sensations the closer they are to orgasm.

According to a study reported in Science of Relationships, “researchers discovered that stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix. What this means is that women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way.”

So it’s worth holding in mind that our greatest sex organ is actually our brain. So much of the experience we allow or deny ourselves is influenced by our thoughts. So lie back, breath yourself into relaxation, think some sexy thoughts and see where some breast and nipple play lead you!  


The lips between your thighs aren’t the only region of your body packed with sensitive nerve endings. Much like your outer vulva, clitoris and nipples, the lips of your mouth are bursting with nerve endings ready to get you hot and bothered. 

Take your time with this one and enjoy the sensations that arise in other parts of your body when you gently brush, tongue and tease the whole of each other’s mouths and lips! It may take patient focus but orgasm from kissing can happen. 


Although it’s a more controversial area of exploration, anal intercourse feels great for many women. 

If you’re curious about trying, use an excess of quality lube, go slower than slow and start with a finger or smaller toy designed specifically for butts. As you ease into the new sensation and your muscles relax you can go deeper into exploring what is known to be one of the most sensational erogenous zones. Stimulating the clitoris simultaneously is a super way to ease into anal play. And remember, if you’re exploring with a partner, keep communicating and listen to each other to make sure it’s a positive experience all round. 

 If you’re curious about trying, use an excess of quality lube


The urethra, or pee hole, is surrounded on three sides by the clitoris, as Lou Paget states in her educational interviews. Because the clitoris is so much more than the pea on the outside (a clit goes three to five inches deep on the inside), when your U-spot is tickled, the surrounding erectile tissue floods with blood which leads the Skene’s Glands to produce prostatic fluid the more you become aroused. That’s right folks, this is the stuff squirting is made of, and it’s known to cause earth-shattering repeat orgasms.  


Formally known as the anterior fornix, this is your inner vaginal zone. Best explored when your muscles are super relaxed from high arousal, aim up towards your belly button against the front vaginal wall, massaging deeper beyond the G-Spot (which will add to the thrills thanks to the indirect stimulation).  As with all sensual exploration, if it feels good… go with it… and keep on going until ..! 


This is what we call the deep-spot or posterior fornix orgasm, which as the name suggests, is an area found by deep penetration. It can be quite a sensitive and even painful area if handled incorrectly, but reports of the most intense orgasms also come from the deep-spot so it’s well worth the exploration. Much like the A-Spot it responds best to pressure, rather than thrusting stimulation. For some it resembles anal sex, and since it shares the same nerves as your anus, we can see why. 


If you’re not convinced that you’ve reached orgasm in other ways, we have good news. Almost everyone lucky enough to have a clitoris is capable of reaching orgasm this way. With around 8,000 excited nerve endings packed into this special little button, its only purpose is to give you pleasure. 

The trick here is to really take time and tease your way to the clitoris itself. Whether via oral sex, your own hands, a vibrating toy (or all three!) explore the surrounding sensual areas like thighs, vagina, outer labia, and nipples before and in-between all the clitoral attention. Why? The more you become aroused, the more erect and keen your clit will become, so when you finally give it undivided attention… expect fireworks! 

The trick here is to really take time and tease your way to the clitoris itself


This is where the less obvious areas of the body that aren’t considered specially erotic, come in. We’re talking about those unusual and particular-to-each-person ‘crazy spots’ like the inside of the elbow, nape of neck, back of knee or underside of foot. What’s great about these is that they’re great for building intimacy and learning about yourself or your partner more deeply. Take time to play; explore your own or your partner’s body with your hands, mouth, or a toy and see which areas get them or you all worked up… then just keep stimulating.


Blended orgasms happen when more than one area is being stimulated simultaneously. It might sound complex but let your primal instinct lead the way and see where it lands you… pulling someone in closer with a leg while gently teasing an ear lobe with your mouth… brushing the nipples while stroking the clitoris… gripping the hair while penetrating the anus… it’s about passion, consent, trust, and exploration. That sexual energy can be released in wonderfully intimate and unexpected ways! 


Cue our most powerful sex organ: the brain. Whether it’s mentally replaying your wildest fantasies or reliving some of your raunchiest real life encounters… These are the orgasms that, with a bit of commitment and practice, can happen touch-free. Yup, we’re talking your thoughts and thoughts alone baby! 


There’s no need to stop with the bliss of one! Once you’ve worked out what gets you climaxing and begging for more… It's time to go deeper. Whether it’s with toys, visual aids, or good old fashioned intercourse, there will come a time when you go in for round two soon after you’re done with round one. These can happen one right after each other or with a bit of rest time in-between. Start by paying attention to the areas that are already aroused, whether that’s your clitoris, anus, nipples, or any other body part and watch the orgasms build and explode again and again.

*Any stats, facts, quotations or references in this article are derived from Dr Costa’s original article. 


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