Why buy a sex toy?

2 Minutes

Why buy a sex toy?

2 Minutes

Investing in pleasure is a big deal. It’s a move into an intimate part of your life that you might feel quite shy about, uncertain even. On top of that, it’s a part of your life that is completely private and truly vulnerable. Please be sure of how tenderly sensual this journey is and how glorious you are for being here. Go you! 

Investing in pleasure is a big deal

According to the experts, for both women and men, regular orgasms (toe-curling, uncontrollably wild pleasure more than once a month) is key to maintaining your overall well-being and mental health. And while sex toys definitely aren’t a replacement for the real thing, nobody should ever feel ashamed about using them. 

So if you're 18 or older, want to add a certain attractive glow to your aura and some exquisite pleasure to your life, investing in a toy that is right for you is definitely worth it.

Pleasure toys are not just for solo play either, in fact most first-time toys are purchased by people in relationships. They report that toys help enrich their intimate lives and help strengthen their connection to each other. So don’t do yourself short and get involved. 

 Most people report that toys help enrich their intimate lives and relationships

"Am I too old?" you ask, well according to research, one of our most fundamental biological drives is our urge to procreate, and this drive stays with us right until the end. So you're in luck, no matter what your age, there is a world of ultimate sensation waiting for you.

Check out this BUZZMEE beginners toy for an ideal option to start or if a usb-rechargeable toy is more your thing, check out this one here.

To slip safely and easily into pleasure we recommend partnering your adult toy purchase with a water-based, silicone-friendly lubricant.

And remember, hygiene is everything. Clean your toy with warm soapy water or a water-based adult toy cleaner with every use. 


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